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Read about different tools and methods, standards used etc.

Read about application techniques, tips, trouble shooting charts etc.

Guide with points of attention during a dry-docking.

Guide for Principles of Paint.

Guide for Health and Safety advice.

Guide for paint terms.

Guide for Product Data Sheet definitions.

Read about coverage or spreading rates.

Read about Kossan Paint (M) Sdn. Bhd. Company Profile.

Classification pf thermoplastic wood adhesives for non-structural applications.

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Conversion table from and to SI units.

Calculations and Estimation of Surfaces areas.

Nozzle's specification with corresponding Manufacture codes.

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Read about range of Transocean Marine Products.

Product highlight : Transpoxy Masterbond

Product highlight : Transozinc Epoxy Primer

Product highlight : Transocean Ultima

Product highlight : Transpoxy ARC

Product highlight : Transurethane Finish

Read about Coating System for Yacht.

Read about range of Transocean Protective Products.

Read about range of Transocean Offshore Coatings.

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Color Cards : Koskote Powder Coating

Color Cards : Decorative Paint

Color Cards : Ematex Super

Color Cards : Ematex

Color Cards : Freshsoft

Color Cards : Koskyd

Color Cards: Mattsoft

Color Cards : Rofcoat

Color Cards : Silksoft

Color Cards : Ultra Clean

Color Cards: Kosflor

Color Cards: Koselastex and Kostallic Pearl

Color Cards : Powder Coatings

Color Card : Decorative